Biomedical Engineer- How much they get Paid ?

One of the least paid engineering careers is now evident of good growth

Ayyappadas M  

Founder & Director, Harvey Biomedical

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Biomedical Engineer is the one who Design, Develop and Maintain complex Medical Technologies. Should have detailed understanding of both Medicine and Engineering.


Since two decades Biomedical Engineering is in India and it doesn’t seem to be grown as much as comparing with the other sectors like IT or Electronics. Thousands of Biomedical engineers  graduated every year, only very few get employed into the Industry. Most of them work in ITes, BPO,KPO, Medical Coding & Billing and the rest just stay unemployed. During their early career as a Fresher Biomedical engineers get an average pay between 8k to 10k a month, but now the Industry is seeking more skilled professionals to handle complex medical equipment where they are keenly looking forward for Qualified Biomedical Engineer with proper Training & Certification, where the Industry is ready to pay more.


How this Growth drives?


1.Government and Private Hospitals gives high priority:

Handling Complex medical equipment is a very big challenge for any Healthcare Organization these days, right from procurement, installation, maintenance and disposal. A study focused in Healthcare Facility Management states “Qualified Biomedical Engineers” plays a key role in cutting the running cost for maintenance and repair of equipments. Healthcare organizations now employ skilled Engineers or they seek a support from Medical equipment Management Companies.


2. Quality Regulations:

Providing Quality patient care is another challenge, Healthcare providers are very keen in acquiring certain standards like NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals) from QCI, India. This sets a higher role for Biomedical Engineers to fulfill these Standards in Equipment maintenance, Testing and Calibration; which is mandatory for getting those certifications.


3. Healthcare Facility Management companies:

Well established International Healthcare Facility Management companies have focused Indian market, where the need is very high. They are actively looking to recruit more skilled manpower. These companies are highly focused in providing quality solutions for the Hospitals, as well as they are focused in setting up good remuneration for Biomedical Engineers.



4. Make in India:

It is very impressive that, many of the Biomedical MNC’s started their Research and development centres and Manufacturing facilities in India. Mostly they are based out of Bangalore; as IT companies outsource international projects to India, as the same Healthcare management companies started outsourcing skilled talents from India providing attractive compensations.


5. Medical regulatory affairs and IT:

Many US,UK and German based Medical Equipment manufactures outsource their works from India.  Medical Regulatory Affairs sectors is Semi Biomedical- IT sector where, biomedical Engineers works for Testing and Certifications of Medical Equipments.


6. Biomedical Start-Ups:

It was a great launch for many biomedical startups in 2015, more than 25 biomedical startup companies established in Bangalore and Chennai, they are focused in developing innovative medical Equipment and Healthcare IT solutions. Most importantly startups give better pay for Biomedical Engineers.


Industry Demands Skilled Technical Manpower

Industry demands skilled work force, they are actively looking for smart employees, they need a ready to work employee rather than a employee who needs Support to start working. Organizations are not ready to invest their money and time in Training. This search ends up in recruiting 2 to 3 year Experienced professionals, Somewhere they do fail to deliver the expected outcome. Few Biomedical engineering graduates, remain unemployed  or work in trainee roles Without salary or with very less salary, whereas the industry is still in demand for qualified manpower.


How much do they get paid?


According to the Statistics, conducted with 200 Biomedical Engineers across India the report states:


0 – 1 year:  1.8L to  3.6L  Avg : 2.04L

1 – 2 year:  2L to     4.2L  Avg : 3.0 L

3 – 5 year:  3L to     7L     Avg : 4.2 L


Note : Survey conducted on Engineers Trained with Harvey


Highly paid roles are Product Specialist, Application Specialist, R&D Engineer, Product Manager & Marketing Manager. Other growing roles: Clinical Engineers in Hospitals, Field service Engineers, Quality & Regulatory affairs etc.,



Still many remain Unemployed or less paid?


We have also identified that many of the Biomedical Engineers are paid very less and experiencing not much growth in industry, due to many factors like:


1. Lack of Technical Skills – There is a gap between Industry and academic curriculum. Due to lack of technical skills many of the Biomedical Engineers join as a trainee in hospitals soon after completion their course, but the fact is that these hospitals are not a better platform for their skill development or to gain real-time experience. They are mostly engaged in non technical jobs like documentation or customer support activities moreover they are not paid well.  


2. Lack of Communication skills - Communication skills plays key role in getting the right job. Communication is not just a Language skills, Technical communication skills, analytical thinking, social skills, and aptitude etc., plays a vital role.  


3. Improper Guidance - Young Biomedical Engineers needs good motivation and guidance from the Academy and Industry.


What upcoming Biomedical Engineers need to Focus On?


1. Focus on Developing the Knowledge base- Understanding the Principles and Applications builds your knowledge     base, which decides your future with the Industry. Which starts from the classroom.


2. Skill Development and certification- Focus in developing core Technical Skills, get Trained and get Expertise              with Medical Equipments, Apparently Harvey Biomedical will be the right place for enhancing your Technical            competencies under supervision of Technical Leaders from the Industry.


Future of Biomedical Engineers


We are determined about the future of Biomedical Engineers; they will be the future of Healthcare Industry. Implementing new systems will require more talents, young and energetic team will make it a great success. Biomedical Engineers, will be one of the highly paid jobs globally and more engineers are expected to be from India.


Ayyappadas M

Founder & Director, Harvey Biomedical

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