Biomedical Skill Development Programme

Welcome!  Harvey Introducing Biomedical Skill development programme for young Biomedical Engineers. Skilld man power find greater job opportunities all over the world. Biomedical Industry is having huge requirement for skilld Technical manpower. 


Biomedical skill development programme develops your capabibility to perform, it helps you to persume your dream in Biomedical Engineering and enable you to work at industry. 


What skill you required as a Biomedical Engineer ?

In a Hospital Biomedical Engineer is responsible to Support clinicians in operation of Medical Equipments, ensuring the and quality, performance of equipements and maintenenance of Equipements.  To Perfom this you need to have gd knowledge and skills in...

1. Operation and Functionality of Medical Equipments

2. Application of Equipments

3. Quality and Standards

4. Testing and Clibration of Equipments

5. Maintenanance of Equipments

6. Servicing and Troubleshooting of Equipments


Biomedical Engineers also finds opportunities in Medical devices design and development. Development of new devices requires in depth technical skills. It requires skills and expertise in..

1. Application Engineering

2. Electronics and Hardware Systems

3. Signal Processing

4. Software Packages

5. Testing and Quality


Other than Hospital and design industry, biomedical engineers also find opportunity with various medical equioment manufactures in servicing and marketing of their products. This requires indepth technical skills as said above.


How Biomedical Skill development programmes works ?