1. Harvey Biomedical
    Harvey Biomedical is a Biomedical Training and development company based at Bangalore. We are focused in giving Advanced practical                 training on Biomedical Equipment handling and servicing.
2. Facilities Provided by Harvey
    Harvey Equipped with all Major Biomedical Equipments used in Hospitals. More than 25 Biomedical devices are provided with experts from             industry to train. We provide opportunity  to get trained and Experience on Medical devices.
3. Job Opportunities
    Training modules are organised to create excellence at work. Candidates get  experience to work at Hospitals and Biomedical companies.               Harvey is networked with Major hospitals, companies and HR consultants from India and abroad. 
4.  Different Training options at Harvey
     We provide Three different Experience for Biomedicals
    1. Advanced Training on Biomedical Devices  - Job oriented
        Eligibility : Professionals, BE/Dip    Duration : 2 Months
    2. Hands on Training 
        Duration : 15 days      Eligibility : BE/Dip Students, Academic professionals etc ;
    3. Workshop 
        Duration 2 days    Eligibility : Students and Academic Professionals
        To Apply : Click button near to course name
5.  Other Innovations from Harvey
     Harvey concentrates on Technology, R&D of Biomedical applications. Its empowered with highly qualified Application                                            Engineers,Software developers and Hardware designers to implement product ideas.
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